Trends You Can Expect to See in the Food Industry in 2019

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The food industry is changing drastically every day and even more on a yearly basis. Here are some predictions for where the food industry might go in 2019.

Transparency on Food Labels

We live in a world that is becoming increasingly more conscious of what we put in our body, and what we can put in our bodies to make it run better. This also results in an increasing demand for consumers to know exactly what industries are putting in their food, and even more so every day the food industry is being more and more transparent about their ingredients of choice as they improve the quality of their products.

High-Tech Veganism

This goes hand in hand with the idea of transparency. People consciousness and knowledge of what they are consuming are becoming increasingly vast, and alongside that veganism is becoming more popular than ever with approximately 6% of Americans identifying as vegan. This growing need feeds the growing market for new ways to modify and alter foods to make them fit the vegan model.

Mindful Eating

Mindfulness, as a whole, has become increasingly more popular as people seek new and effective ways to break the rhythm of everyday life. On that note, mindful eating is also becoming increasingly popular, as well as food that is intentionally made to be consumed with mindfulness in consideration.

Non-Alcoholic Carbonated Beverages

Non-alcoholic carbonated beverages have already taken off this year, however, the market is primarily centered around LaCroix. In the year to come, this market will likely expand to include many more types and flavors of non-alcoholic carbonated beverages for all to enjoy.

Root-to-Stem Fruits and Vegetables

The food industry has already moved in the direction of pushing people to compost food products that are considered unusual or unpreferable to include in a dish, such as broccoli stems or watermelon rinds. It is predictable that now, as people are becoming more eco-conscious, that they will find new ways to use these parts of foods that were previously thought of as being unpreferable.

Puffed Vegetable Snacks

Instead of chips, puffed vegetable snacks such as puffed edamame are on the rise. This leaves opportunity for a wide range of seasonings and natural flavors to be added, as the base is relatively plain, and also provides a snack that does not make you feel weighed down or unhealthy.


Author: Philip Ward Seattle

Philip Ward is an entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington.

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