Introverted: How to Thrive at a Business Conference

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Business conferences can be exhausting for anyone, but this proves especially true for an introvert who only has a limited amount of social energy. Here are some tips on how to ensure a positive experience while also being an introvert.

Take Time to Recharge

In order to maximize your experience, it will be important to take downtime in between the socially taxing parts of your day. Whether this is finding a quiet space to relax for a few minutes, grabbing a coffee by yourself, or taking a walk outside–find a place that you can go to recharge. When you get back, you will be able to truly enjoy the space after taking care of yourself and making sure that you get sufficient away time.

Surround Yourself with People You Enjoy

Don’t bite off more than you can chew by trying to meet every new person at the conference. Find some people who you enjoy socializing with or have met before, and spend some time with them. This will help you expend only small amounts of social energy while still feeling like you are involved in the conference.

Don’t Try to Do Everything

You don’t have to make an appearance at every panel discussion, lecture, social hour, or event to get the most out of the conference. Instead of going for more, instead, go for better. Attend the things that you really want to attend and get the most out of them, and let yourself skip out on the things that are not exciting to you or mandatory.

Find Other Introverts

Finding other introverts to hang around with and eat some meals with will give you some good in-between time with significant mutual understanding. You’ll be able to be together while understanding the beauty of quiet as well. Finding other introverts who may need quiet meals or coffee breaks as well, or won’t need to small talk while waiting for events to start, will be crucial to staying charged, especially when you’re at the reserve of your energy.

Create a Great Space to Go Back To

Something really important in giving yourself the ability to prosper at a high energy business profit is creating a great space to go back to. If you are going back to a mess at the end of the day you’ll be adding so much more effort to your decompression process than necessary. Keep your hotel room tidy and organized, and maybe even bring some things from home that will help you feel most in your element.


Author: Philip Ward Seattle

Philip Ward is an entrepreneur based in Seattle, Washington.

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